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How can I order Genia products?

Good news! Our products are available through the leading wholesalers in Australia: CENVET, LYPPARD and PROVET. Simply place an order with your preferred one.

Ask for a quote HERE.

Do I need a Genia account to order products?

You do not need an account with us to order our products. Simply contact your wholesaler(s) to place an order.


How can I get a quote?

Ask for a quote HERE or contact your wholesaler(s).

I am unable to find one of your products through any of my supplier(s), what can I do?

Some of our products might not be listed yet or can appear as out of stock on your wholesaler(s) online platform. In that case, please contact us by email:, and we will help you out.


What is the Quick Fastening System?

Our E-collars have a quick fastening system, making them quick and easy to use: simply release the E-Collar by bending the inside part completely back, until it marks white. Not sure how? Please watch this video. Et voilà!

                                                  Assemble the e-collar                                                                                               Release it

What is the purpose of the wavy edge?

The wavy outer edge makes our e-collars sturdier and less sharp on pet owners’ legs.


How can I clean the Cosypad®?

Our Cosypad® is machine washable, up to 40°C degrees.

Top load washing machine instructions: delicate cycle advised. Dot not tumble dry; simply give a good shake and it is ready to be reused.

Can I use the Cosypad® for dental surgeries?

Our small Cosypad® makes a great dental mat: place the head of the animal on top of the mat while descaling, and let liquids drain through.


How can I clean the Vacuumat®?

Our Vacuumat® can be easily wiped down with household wipes or F10 disinfectant, or hand washed with soap and water.

What happen if I break the pump?

The Vacuumat® pump can be sold separately. Place an order through your wholesaler(s).


Genia Code: 327306


How long can I use Genia suture material once opened?

We recommend using our Monofil and Glycofil sutures up to 4 months after opening.

Our Filamid skin sutures can be used within 5 years after opening.

Where can I find the suture expiry date?

The expiry date is written on the bottom left of the cassette.


Should I keep the rotating base?

The grey base and the 2 blue shells are re-usable. Once stuck in the cage, you don’t have to remove the base anymore. Insert the spiral tubing into the shells.

I lost the blue shells; can I still use my device?

No worries, the blue shells can be sold separately. Place an order through your wholesaler(s).

Genia Code: 157452


Can I add a treat in all enrichment toys?

OUI! All our enrichment toys have a hole to add a treat; we advise peanut better! But always check with your vet first 😊

To open our dental toy, twist both sides and add the treat in the middle.


Need more help? Email us at:

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