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Who are we ?

Since Génia’s inception in 1945, the innovation driving our growth has made us a market leader, providing specialized solutions to veterinarians worldwide.

Génia is a family-owned company headquartered in St. Hilaire de Chaléons, France with over seventy years in the veterinary supply industry.  

Our spearhead product was the cutting-edge Plexiglass syringe, Géniaplex.  Today, we manufacture over 2,500 premium SKUs under nine product ranges in over seventy countries.

Our branches in France, Australia, Hong Kong and USA help us acquire top insight into the global veterinary market.

Our consistent goal is to provide veterinary professionals with quality products that elevate their practices, with an emphasis on improving the comfort and hygiene of the animal.


The Group

Staff : 100 people

Head office : Saint-Hilaire de Chaléons (44), FRANCE

Production facility : 6 specialised units : lathe production unit (superior quality syringes), plastic injection production unit (syringes, drenchers…), cutlery production unit (surgical scissors, veterinarians/farriers knives, surgical bone pins…), electro-mechanical equipment unit (electric fencing, prods, clippers…), clean room unit (surgical sutures materials), distinject equipment unit (animals immobilisation and capture equipment).

R&D : All our products are designed by our R&D department consisting of a Designer, a Product Engineer and a DMV.
These new products are finalized in our factory in Saint Hilaire de Chaleons and tested with professionals partners.

The Australian Subsidiary

In 2011, we established a subsidiary in Sydney to be able to cover Australia with our range of veterinary supplies.

Genia products are available through the main wholesalers.

Our sales team is constantly listening to their customers: improving our existing products, dealing with vets and nurses needs, and imagining the products of tomorrow.

Visiting vet clinics - on a daily basis - and promoting our products help us to maintain a close contact with animal health professionals. The demand for Genia products is constantly growing, as well as our local team.

Genia australia


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Managing Director

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Sales Representative & Customer Service

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Sales Representative

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Genia australia
Our Team
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