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VACUUMAT® - Lightweight positioning mat

It holds patients in the desired position, prior to a surgical procedure, ultrasound, MRI, CT or X-rays (as it is radiolucent). 

 The mat has microbeads, made from a sturdy polyurethane material, offering insulation and shaping properties. 


• Easy to clean, as you can run it under a tap or simply wipe it down.

• The material is thick and resistant.

Sold as a kit with the adapted pump.


1. Lay the animal on the mat, in the desired position.

2. Close the valve.

3. Pump the air out of the mat with the adapted pump in less than 10 seconds.

Et voilà!

To watch the full video of our Vacuumat® 

• The mat conforms to the body shape and holds the patient in place. The animal won’t move or slide away.

Perfect for deep chested dogs.

• It is ideal for X-rays positioning, especially for hips and legs that often require difficult angles.

• The mat gets stiff while remaining flexible and very comfortable for the animal. The stiffness of the mat can be adjusted by slowly releasing the valve.

What else?

• The VACUUMAT® helps preventing from hypothermia, as it keeps patients off cold surfaces, and is highly insulating. The microbeads hold and maintain patients' body heat, minimising a temperature drop.

vacuumat cat.jpg

X-RAY : the Vacuumat is radiolucent

vacuumat_situation - Copy.jpg




Vacuumat - cat clinic.jpg

SURGERY: Belly side


Vaccumat Codes.PNG

2 sizes :

40 x 60 cm

60 x 100 cm


Dr Demian

We recently purchased two of the Vacuumat® for our busy small animal practice. They have been an instant hit with all the nurses and the vets. They are fantastic for holding patients in position (especially the awkward deep chested breeds) and are extremely easy to use and keep clean. I would highly recommend them. In fact I've just ordered some more!"


Tascha Baylis, Senior Veterinary Nurse

“We have received the vaccumat and been using it for a couple of weeks now. We love it as it not only keeps our patient well insulated and helps prevent hypothermia but also is great with positioning for dental radiographs.


Dr Anthony Cassimatis  

“The Vaccumat has been a wonderful addition to our hospital along side the Cosypad for many different procedures. Originally designed for radiographic positioning (and while this is very useful) we have found it even more useful for all surgical procedures instead! It solves multiple problems at once such as taking away the need for sand bags, perfectly positioning the patient for all surgical procedures and enables soft comfortable bedding while under a procedure. While it also insulates patients we add a heat pad underneath which warms the bed without risk of burns, this along with a bear hugger on top gives remarkable temperature stabilization. Even for dirty procedures such as dentals we use the malleable and hardening function to create a neck rest with head tilting down onto a Cosypad for drainage. Adding a pee pad under the Cosypad allows for all fluids to be captured while keeping the patients face clean. This set up is gold! Another great product we will continue to use daily.”


How does it work?

Why do you love it?

The Vacuumat® can be used for:

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