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Perfuvet Twist IV Set Genia.PNG



Let’s take away some of your day-to-day worries with our new Perfuvet® Twist.

Reusable rotating base placed on the cage ceiling, to prevent tubing tangling around the animal and fluid flow obstruction.


Why do you love it?

360° Reusable Rotating Base: Allows the patient to move freely.

Spiral Tubing: Supports a tangle free system.

Luer-Lock: Easy connection with the catheter and any giving set. 

• It is ideal for hospitalized patients, overnight IV therapy, and patients with neurological disorders.

• It will improve safety and save time.


Ready to use kit includes:

- One grey base with an adhesive backing for permanent attachment to the top of the cage.

- Two blue shells connecting the IV sets to the base.

- Three sterile 3 meters spiral IV sets with collar ring.


Sold as a kit including one base, two clasps and three sterile spiral IV sets.

Code 157450 I Perfuvet Twist Kit

Code 157451 I 3 sets of spiral tubing

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