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High quality sterile urinary cat catheter featuring a rotating suture collar to maintain secure positioning.


360° rotating collar - with four stitching holes. Extra comfort for the patient, and prevent the catheter to be removed by the cat.

For a perfect fit, choose between:

- Closed rounded end with two side holes: atraumatic, and easier to insert into the urethra.

- Open end: ideal to unblock a cat with urethral obstruction.

Luer-Lock hub: easier for urine collection.

• Made of medical grade elastomer of Polyether Block Amide providing a great compromise between rigidity and flexibility. Non-reactive material, ideal to leave in up to three days.

DEHP-free & radiotransparent.

•Available in 3 sizes: open or closed end and colour coded (blue: 2.5FG; pink: 3FG, green: 4 FG), with or without stylet. New length available: 130 mm.

Sold individually or in boxes of 12 catheters. Singly sterilised and wrapped.

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