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The ideal surgical and recovery bed!


Our COSYPOP® is a multi-purpose bed made of our well known COSYPAD® mat, surrounded by a thick and comfy headrest that is easily and completely detachable, just unzip the zipper. Easy, cosy, happy!

🐶🐱Multi-purpose - Ideal for surgeries: provides insulation and keeps patients off cold surfaces. Particularly helpful for airway procedures, dental surgeries and orthopaedics, thanks to its thick non absorbent headrest.

Ideal for in clinic recoveries: minimises pressure on muscles, joints, and prevents bedsores.


Non-absorbent: liquids pass through, keeping animals dry and it includes a non-slip base for stability.


Can also be used as a pet bed at home, or as a basket for puppies.


🌏 Material meshed material that makes the bed breathable and non absorbent. Provides insulation and keeps animals dry. The headrest and the base are made of the same components.


👍Non-slip base - stable on surgery table, in the cages or kennels.


💧Machine washable - The base and the surrounded headrest can be washed separately by unzipping them.

Up to 40°C on gentle cycle. Quick drying. No tumble dry. 

Sold Individually. 



Dr Kate Bruce, Veterinarian

“The Cosypop® has been a hit with the team. It's extremely useful for patients with poor bladder control, to help drain away moisture and avoid urine scalding. The soft cushioning in the base is also very comfortable for our non-ambulatory patients, and the raised edges allow us to easily keep their head elevated. It's super simple to clean, and fits perfectly in a standard size cage. We often reach for it if we have patients with tick paralysis, a neurological disorder, or just any animal that needs a particularly comfy spot that feels like a more homely dog bed."


Dr Robyn, Practice Owner

“Our patient Daisy enjoyed the Cosypop®. She couldn’t wait to get into it. She was in hospital and the bed helped to keep her clean and dry and, as you can see, very comfortable!"

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