• ANIPLAST® HYDRO : Healing dressing. Second skin.


  • ANIPLAST® SPONGI : Super absorbent dressing. Non-adhesive, semi-occlusive foam dressing on a thick water-resistant polyurethane film. The white foam side is facing the skin.


Dr William Jenkinson

“I have used Hydro and Spongi wound dressings in several patients with extensive wounds with great results. One dog in particular had severe dog fight injuries to both forelegs and I felt it was likely he would require amputation of one leg and have reduced function of the other. With the use of Hydro and Spongi dressings his wounds healed and the dog is now fully recovered and running around normally without any lameness. I was amazed at the dog’s ability to heal these wounds when they were protected by these dressings and feel that the result would have been quite different without them.”

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