High quality sterile urinary cat catheter featuring a rotating suture collar to maintain secure placement.

  • 360° rotating collar - with four stitching holes. Extra comfort for the patient, and prevent the catheter to be removed prematurely by the cat.


  • For a better fit, choose between :

       - A closed rounded end with two side holes: atraumatic, and easier to insert into the                  urethra.

       - Open end: ideal to unblock a cat with urethral obstruction.


  • Luer-Lock hub: easier for urine collection.


  • Stylet optional but makes placement of the catheter easier.


  • Made of medical grade elastomer of Polyether Block Amide providing a great compromise between rigidity and flexibility. Non-reactive material, ideal to leave in up to three days.


  • DEHP-free & radiotransparent.


  • Available in 2 sizes, color coded (pink: 3FG, green: 4 FG), with or without stylet according to the veterinarian preference.


Sold individually or in boxes of 12. Singly sterilised and wrapped.

To watch the full video of our UROLENE® CAT open end

To watch the full video of our UROLENE® for dog and cat



“These urinary catheters are a game changer. We have been using them on our FLUTD cases, and it makes their hospital management much easier. Most importantly it is more comfortable for our kitty cats in hospital, thanks to the rotating collar.”


Dr Jenny Shiu, Vet Director

“I highly recommend the Urolene catheter. It makes unblocking tom cats much less stressful. The hub also has a rotating collar and is more comfortable for the patient. The stylet also allows easier catheterisation without traumatising the urethra excessively.”


High quality sterile urinary dog catheter.

  • Rounded end with two side holes: atraumatic, and makes it easier to insert into the urethra.

  • Excellent balance between flexibility & rigidity: the catheter is stiff enough for an easy insertion into the urethra and soft enough that you can leave it in for up to 3 days.

  • Luer-Lock hub: easier for urine collection with a luer-lock syringe, to flush in case of urethral, and accept an IV bag for closed collection obstruction.

  • Made of medical grade Polyamide.

  • DEHP-free & radiotransparent.

  • Available in 5 sizes, color coded according to the size.


Sold individually or in boxes of 12. Singly sterilised and wrapped.

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