Suture Material

Our range of suture have been carefully thought, to fit the needs of all the vet practices.

Genia masters every single step of the manufacturing of sutures starting from raw materials to finished products and certifies sterility.

Our internal laboratory allows us to conduct permanent quality controls to verify and certify the chemical and physical conformity of our products according to the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia (EDQM) and the American Pharmacopoeia. Checks are made at each stage of production and after production to ensure quality.

We test the raw material, sterility, thread aging, and humidity of the cassette. Each batch is traced all the way to its delivery to our customer.

Our clean room is verified and certified every year by an independant and authorised quality control organization.

Our production facility is certified ISO 9001 : 2007 in full compliance with the control and traceability requirements
of the health department.

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